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Got an event coming up? If you're thinking "I'm going to need a way to control the crowd and apply restrictions for all the different sections!" then you need some wristbands! Tyvek & paper wristbands are a hugely popular security and admission control system and cost you next to nothing. We've been in the industry for over 15 years now and have gotten pretty good at what we do.

Check Out Our Most Popular Wristbands!

25mm Coloured Tyvek
25mm Coloured Tyvek Wristbands in regular and bright neon colours are made from tyvek material to give them extra tough qualities
from $0.45 to $0.16 ea
50 min qty
Plastic Holographic Wristband
Plastic Holographic Wristbands look stunning, especially our shimmering silver or gold wristbands that are perfect for VIP event entry
from $0.65 to $0.29 ea
50 min qty
Detachable Ticket Stub Wristband
Detachable Ticket Stub Wristbands can be used to tie in with a sponsors promotion or maybe a free gift giveaway
from $0.29 to $0.22 ea
500 min qty
Printed Kids Wristbands
Printed Kids Wristbands are visually appealing with photo quality printing and are extremely durable with options for underside printing
100 min qty
VIP Tyvek Wristband
VIP Tyvek Wristbands help identify important guests and prevent hold ups in lines for easy access to VIP areas of your event
from $0.46 to $0.17 ea
50 min qty
Branded Silicone Wristband
Branded Silicone Wristbands made from 100 per cent silicone material are popular novelty promotional products
from $1.00 to $0.40 ea
100 min qty
Eco Friendly Wristband
Eco Friendly Wristbands come sequentially numbered for easy audit control and revenue tracking purposes made in strong Tyvek material
from $0.50 to $0.24 ea
50 min qty
Kids Lenticular Wristbands
Kids Lenticular Wristbands are an awesome option in ID wristbands with the realistic image movement
100 min qty

We can offer you insanely cheap prices on all our wristbands and it just keeps getting cheaper the more you buy! You're not going to find another company in Australia that does the wristband thing as well as we do. Leave your event/conference/concert/party in our hands and we'll make sure everything goes sweet for you.

View Our Recent Additions

We're always doing our best to keep up with the latest wristband trends. Check out some of our latest additions below:

Poppie Light Band
Poppie Light Bands can be supplied in either Clear with Blue, Red, Green or Orange Trim.
from $7.49 to $3.65 ea
100 min qty
Oscar Slap Band
Oscar Slap Bands measure approximately 23cms x 2.5cms.
from $3.07 to $2.45 ea
300 min qty
Amira Slap Band
Amira Slap Bands can be supplied in two different colours.
from $2.24 to $1.62 ea
300 min qty
Red Silicone Flashing Wristbands
Red Silicone Flashing Wristbands will highlight your product with flashing LED lights
from $6.23 to $4.58 ea
100 min qty
Orange Silicone Flashing Wristband
Orange Silicone Flashing Wristbands glow with red, blue, and yellow LED lights.
from $4.62 to $3.11 ea
100 min qty
Green Silicone Flashing Wristband
Green Silicone Flashing Wristbands are the coolest wearable promoters.
from $4.62 to $3.11 ea
100 min qty
Flashing Red LightPulse Wristband
Flashing Red LightPulse Wristbands are budget-friendly and trendy marketing giveaways
from $6.57 to $4.84 ea
100 min qty
White Silicone LightPulse Wristband
Silicone White LightPulse Wristbands come in frosted white with white LED lights
from $6.57 to $4.84 ea
100 min qty

Planning an even bigger event?

To make your event even more memorable, why not add some personalised stubby holders to keep your drinks cool. You can't go wrong with some personalised balloons or to make your party complete, head over to our friends at tee shirts only to print your event details on some awesome shirts!

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