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20 September, 2018

Organise Your Promotions Day With Us

Are you having a promotions day for your business?

Making time in promoting your brand has a vital role in advancing the success of your industry, Promotion party doesn't have to be super expensive, you can find materials which could fit your budget and make it work. You may do it in the different settings based on your target market.

If you’re in the publishing industry, you might want to have your promotions in schools. You may do it by having an agreement with different schools amenable for you, and set up your booth whenever they have special events like a family day celebration, recital day, or sports festivals.

Our full-colour wristbands are economical giveaways which you can give to your market. You may wish to customise it by printing your company name or logo on it. The wristbands may be used as your prizes if you’re planning to have games for the kids, faculty, and school administration.

The Wristbands Only Team